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    Yle Uutiset | 9 min
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    Yle Uutiset
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    • thorgalle1 month ago

      "[Learning] English is like an upside down triangle, in that if you learn a little bit, at the bottom, you can make yourself understood," said Sayers. "But to become proficient in professional and academic English, you've got a tonne of stuff to learn."

      Finnish is probably the craziest language in Europe. Both the language, country and people are one of a kind.

      "I think in general gamification is something we should have more of in the education system," says Tenhunen. "For example the portfolio assignments I have been giving let students choose their own paths. So for instance some of my students have been playing video games in French, and they find that really motivating.”

      I kind of agree. MMO chats & UI's are how I got most of my English before school started teaching it. Although this is maybe "language learning from games" rather than "gamification".

      1. Update (8/10/2020):

        Woops, missed a quote on the top there:

        "Finnish is the other way around: to make yourself understood you have to learn an enormous amount of structural grammar, but then once you've got that, to progress on to more professional registers of Finnish is less demanding."