1. The internet broke reading.
    We fixed it.

    Readup is an article-based social reading network.
    Find, read and share the best articles and stories online.

    A woman and man sit on a bench under a tree.
							The woman enjoys reading a long article on her phone, the man is scrolling through social media feeds.
    Import from any publication

    Read anything you want.

    Easily import articles from your favorite publishers and blogs. Or browse Readup's collection of top-quality articles.

    Reading view without clutter or distractions

    Reading perfected.

    Readup's iPhone app and browser extensions offer immersive, 100% distraction-free reading. No time to finish? Readup bookmarks everything, automatically.

    Transparent recommendation mechanism

    Algorithms you can trust

    Readup doesn't have likes or upvotes. Instead, Readers "vote" with their time and attention. All algorithms are fully transparent and Reader privacy is always respected.

    You must read the article before you can post or reply.

    Civil discourse. Finally.

    On Readup, it's impossible for anybody to comment on any article that they haven't fully read. Readup is troll-free, non-toxic, and non-addictive.

    Readup distributes your money directly to writers

    A brighter future for writers

    You pay a monthly subscription to read on Readup. Readup keeps 5% and distributes the rest to the writers you read. Everything is transparent, ethical, and humane.

    Pricing: Pay what you want

    You can pay any amount you want to read on Readup.
    All Readers at all levels get full access to all features.

    Readup takes a small cut (5%) of your payment and distributes the rest to the writers you read -- transparently, down to the penny.

    1. $4.99
      Budget option.
      Individual Writer payouts will be small.
    2. $14.99
      A meaningful investment in journalism.
    3. $24.99
      Super Reader!
      Bigger tips for the writers you read.
    Readup has earned $7,128.00 for writers.
    Total Revenue: $7,979.34

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