1. Frequently Asked Questions

    If your question isn't answered below, please send an email to support@readup.com.

    Getting Started

    • How do I get started on my iPhone?

      Download the app  from the app store.

    • How do I get started on my laptop or computer?

      First, add the Readup browser extension to your favorite web browser — ChromeFirefoxSafari or Edge.  Next, look for the Readup button in your browser window (near the URL bar) which enables you to activate Reader Mode  on any article you wish to read with just one click.
      Finally, remember to visit Readup.com to explore articles, read comments, and manage your account.

    • Do I need to create an account?

      Yes. In addition to downloading the app and/or extensions, you will need to create an account on Readup.

    Importing articles

    • Do I need to import articles?

      Nope. You can always just browse the articles that other people import. But it’s a good thing to  know how to do in case you ever want to import a specific article to Readup.

    • Can I import anything I want?

      Yep! Readup doesn’t enable you to bypass paywalls, but you can import paid articles  (for example, from the Wall Street Journal) if you pay for them separately.

    • How do I import articles to Readup on my iPhone?

      The Readup share extension in iOS makes it easy to import articles to Readup with just a few clicks.  When you are viewing an article you want to import (for example in the Safari app) just click the share extension  (a square with an up arrow) and then click the Readup icon. (Note: If you can’t find the Readup icon, you might need to click “More.”)  The article will appear at the top of your Starred list in My Reads.

    • How do I import articles to Readup on my laptop or computer?

      Just click the browser button. When you view an article in Reader Mode, it will automatically be saved to  the History section of My Reads.

    Reading on Readup

    • Why didn’t I get credit for something I read?

      Make sure that you’re reading in Reader Mode in order to get credit.

    • Am I “reading” too fast?

      Maybe. Fast reading is okay, but Readup won’t give you credit for skimming or scanning. If you think that Readup isn’t  giving you credit for articles you’re really reading, please send us an email: support@readup.com

    • What if a specific article doesn’t work?

      Please flag any article errors by clicking the small flag in the top right corner of Reader Mode.

    • Who chooses the Article of the Day?

      Everybody! The Article of the Day (AOTD) is "crowdsourced." At midnight (Pacific Time) the #1 top ranked article becomes the AOTD for the following day.


    • Does Readup track my reading?

      Yes. But it is completely secure and anonymous. Our Privacy Policy is short and sweet  and we highly suggest you read it.

    • Will other people know what I’ve been reading?

      Not by default. After you finish an article, you can choose to post it publicly.  Otherwise, all of your reading stays totally private.

    • Can I delete my account?

      Yes. Just send an email to support@readup.com


    • How much does Readup cost?

      If you create an account on iOS (iPhone or iPad) you have three choices: $4.99, $14.99 or $24.99. If you create an account on desktop, you can choose one of those three prices or choose any custom price.

    • Can I really pick ANY price?

      Yes, but only on desktop. On iOS you have three price choices.

    • Is there a minimum subscription price?

      Yes. $4.99.

    • Are some features only available at certain pricing levels?

      No. All Readers at all levels get full access to all features. The only difference is that when you pay more (or less) to read on Readup you are giving more (or less) to the writers you read.

    • Can I get a refund?

      Yes. Just send an email to support@readup.com


    • What is verification?

      Verification proves that your account is real and connects your account to the articles you’ve written.

    • Why should I get verified?

      As a verified writer, you don’t have to read your own articles in order to comment on them, and your comments will be prioritized and highlighted. Verified writers get special Writer Profiles. And verified Writers can cash out.

    • How do I get verified?

      Send an email to support@readup.com. A human will verify you.

    • I have a balance on Readup. How do I collect the money I’ve earned here?

      To cash out, you need to get verified. Send an email to support@readup.com


    • Can I change my username?

      No. If you want a new username, you need to create a new account.

    • Do you have an Android app?

      Not yet, but we will soon!
      Hit this button to get notified when we do.

    • Who started Readup?

      Two friends, Bill Loundy and Jeff Camera.  (We love reading and you’ll often see us in the comments. We’re @bill and @jeff.)

    • How does Readup make money?

      Readers pay to read on Readup. Readup takes 5% and gives the rest to writers.

    • Are you hiring?

      Yes! Email us if you’re interested in joining the team: support@readup.com

    • Does Readup work with publishers?

      Not yet, but we plan to. If you are a publisher and you’d like to have a conversation, don’t hesitate to reach out: support@readup.com