1. Frequently Asked Questions

    If your question isn't answered below, please send an email to support@readup.com.

    Getting Started

    • How do I get started on my iPhone (or iPad)?

      Download the app from the app store.

    • How do I get started on my Android?

      Shucks! Readup isn't currently available for Android. Tap the button below to get notified when we launch the Android app.

    • How do I get started on my computer?

      Download the app for Mac, Windows or Linux.

    • What's a reader name?

      The word "user" dehumanizes people. In lieu of "usernames," Readup has reader names.

    Using Readup

    • What can I read on Readup?

      Anything! Readup curates top-quality articles from across the web. Plus you can easily save (or "import") articles to Readup from pretty much anywhere.

    • I noticed a problem within an article. What do I do?

      Uh oh! All articles on Readup should display perfectly, but sometimes Readup's ad-destroyer (or "parser") makes a mistake. If you notice a problem within an article, please report it by clicking the flag icon in the top right corner.

      Screenshot of how to report issues on Readup
    • When is the Article of the Day selected?

      The #1 Contender becomes AOTD at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

    • Can I use Readup to bypass paywalls?

      Yes. Readup is essentially a browser that cleans pages up by stripping away everything except the actual article. Many articles that are "hidden" behind soft paywalls are still "visible" in the code. Readup displays those articles.

    • Can I change my reader name?

      No. If you want a new reader name, you need to create a new account.

    Saving articles

    • Do I need to save articles?

      Nope. You can always just browse the articles that other people save. But it’s a good thing to know how to do in case you ever want to save a specific article to Readup.

    • How do I save articles to Readup on my iPhone?

      The Readup share extension in iOS makes it easy to save articles to Readup with just a few clicks. When you are viewing an article you want to save (for example in the Safari app) just click the share extension (a square with an up arrow) and then click the Readup icon. (Note: If you can’t find the Readup icon, you might need to click “More.”)

      You'll receive a notification that you can tap to open the article in Readup directly, and The article will appear at the top of your Starred list in My Reads.

    • How do I save articles to Readup on my laptop or computer?

      First, get the browser extesion for your browser from our Downloads page. Then just click the browser extension button. When you view an article in Reader Mode, it will automatically be saved to the History section of My Reads.

    • Can I disable the automatic starring of saved articles?

      Yes, you can on the desktop apps! You'll find this setting in the extension options page. To find the options:

      • In Chrome, right-click the Readup extension icon and click "Options."
      • In Firefox, right-click the Readup extension icon, click "Manage Extension", then click the triple-dot menu next to the Readup extension, then click "Options."
      • In Safari, right-click the Readup extension icon, click "Manage Extension...", then click "Preferences" in the pane that pops up.
      • In Edge, right-click the Readup extension icon and click "Extension options."

      Disabling starring is not yet possible in our mobile apps. Send us an email at support@readup.com if this is something you want!


    • Can people see everything I've been reading?

      No. Your reading history is 100% private by default. On an article-by-article basis, you choose what you want to post publicly.

    • Can I trust Readup?

      Yes! Our Privacy Policy is short and sweet. Read it.


    • How much does Readup cost?

      You pick your price: $4.99, $14.99, or $24.99 per month. Readup is exactly the same no matter what price you pick. All prices are in USD and may be converted to your local currency by our payment processor, Stripe.

    • Why are there multiple prices for the same thing?

      We're committed to keeping Readup affordable to all. At the same time, many of our readers are so enthusiastic about our mission that they choose to increase their financial contribution.

    • Can other people see what price I've picked?


    • Can I change my price?

      Yes. Visit the Settings screen in the app to do this.

    • Can I contribute more than $24.99?

      Yes! If you wish to contribute more than $24.99 USD, open the Settings screen in the app from your laptop or computer, click 'Change Price,' and enter a Custom Price. (Note: You can't do this from your iPhone.)


    • How does Readup work?

      Readers pay to read on Readup, and writers get paid when they're read on Readup.

    • How do I get paid?

      On the first of every month, Readup automatically pays all verified writers who have earned $10 or more in pledges and who have connected their Readup account to Stripe. To get paid, the first step is to get verified.

    • What happens when I get verified?

      Articles you've written will appear on your profile. You won't have to read your own articles in order to comment on them, and your comments will be prioritized and highlighted.

    • How do I get verified?

      Go to the Settings screen in the app. Click "Get Verified."

    • Do I have to pay taxes?

      Maybe. If you live in the USA and earn less than $600 on Readup in one year, you don't have to pay any taxes or report any earnings. If you earn more than $600, Stripe will provide the necessary paperwork for you. For more information: https://stripe.com/docs/connect/tax-reporting


    • I'm a developer. Can I help?

      Maybe! Let us know how you'd like to contribute at support@readup.com

    • I'm not a developer. Can I help?

      Maybe! Let us know how you'd like to contribute at support@readup.com

    • Is Readup a non-profit or for-profit?


    • Who owns Readup?

      Readup is owned by a for-profit organization called reallyread.it, inc., which is owned by Bill, Jeff & Thor.

    • How does Readup operate?

      Readup is 100% volunteer-owned and operated. Readup has no employees and nobody gets paid to work on Readup.