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    Vanity FairJenny Lumet8 min
    22 reads5 comments
    Vanity Fair
    22 reads
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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      4 months ago

      Read this. It's amazing. A perfect ten.

      When the toxin has lived in you, you can smell it in other people.

      That's exactly how I feel about homophobia.

      Woke is unsustainable while fucking.

      Wow! Yes. This is wild, beautiful writing.

      And a lot of people will be happy not to talk about this shit anymore.

      Exactly. Meanwhile, a lot of other people will be sad not to talk about this shit anymore. Both sides are right. And both sides are wrong. And on different days different people will feel different ways. Perhaps that's the grand illusion: that we fall on one "side" or the other. We don't. We change our minds. (Thank god!) And we are all, always, somewhere in between.

      Me, you, Jenny, the SML, the phone sex worker, the guy on the phone with the phone sex worker -- we're all in this together. We all want that avocado situation to be less brutal. And we're all borderline clueless about how to make that happen.

      • leverettt3 months ago

        Condé Nast virgin here. Holy smokes. That was amazing.

        • bill
          Top reader of all timeScout
          3 months ago

          Glad you dug it!

      • KingTaos4 months ago

        “Woke is unsustainable while fucking.”Best line ever.

    • leverettt3 months ago

      Condé Nast leaves no stone unturned in this brutally provoking snapshot of a grocery store interaction. Read more at the link.