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    • KapteinB
      Top reader this week
      4 weeks ago

      New details about the upcoming Windows 11. Will Microsoft finally be able to break the every-other-version-bad-curse that's been plaguing them since the 90's?

      I'm not thrilled about the new UI (which, anyone else think it looks a lot like KDE Plasma 5?), but I will be happy to see live tiles gone. They kinda worked for full-screen launchers like Windows Phone and Windows 8, but make no sense in the start menu.

      I'm looking forward to a new Windows Store, the single biggest lost potential of Windows 10 in my opinion.

      Skype I won't miss for a second. Good riddance.

      The new snap layouts look interesting, though it could quickly get annoying to need an extra mouse click for the what's-it-called-button. It reminds me a bit of the snap assist feature they added in Windows 10, which I quickly disabled on both my Windows 10 machines because it was driving me nuts.

      Smaller and more quiet updates sounds neat, but I suspect they'll still require frequent reboots.

      Improved touch support isn't something I'll personally benefit from any time soon, but I guess it's inevitable. We're nearing the point Windows 8 developers thought we'd be at in 2013.

      I never really understood the Xbox integration in Windows 10. Maybe it'll make more sense in 11. I'm not sure if I'll ever have a powerful enough computer to benefit from all those cool new features though.

      Android app support... I'm drawing a blank trying to think of any Android apps I want to run on my computer. How about you other Readers?

      Overall, I have a good feeling about this release, but who knows, the curse can show up in unexpected ways! Maybe we'll have the stability issues of ME, or the performance issues of Vista. Time will show.