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    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      5 months ago

      This is a private investigation report ordered by an insurance company on the writer. It's shocking really. Completely inappropriate and unprofessional language, what kind of company culture allows such denigration? If it's not illegal defamation, it's in any case extremely distasteful. Let alone the practice of paid stalking… is that really the best way to verify a claim? 🤯 (note: article from 2015).

    • DellwoodBarker5 months ago

      The act of paid observing disturbs me on so, so, so many levels. Or unpaid for that matter.

      Why I hope companies like ReadUp can help change such abhorrent behavior: paid or unpaid; online or in real life.

      Living a life surveillanced Is Not Freedom.

      Also, the use of surveillance to portray someone online as different than who they are via blatant, deliberate lies.

      Surveillance and assimilation tactics and legal guardianship and gossips who slander to ruin lives make my blood boil. There is also an assimilation trend of categorizing and normalizing in therapy speak permeating everyday conversations that disturbs me, presently.