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    The Spectator | Anthony Browne | 3 min
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    The Spectator
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    • thorgalle3 months ago

      the Congo is the only country in the world that has ever thought Belgium is a superpower.

      I visited this museum with my school as a child (age < 12 ), at least once. I don't think my teacher had given any context about the colonial brutalities, we just marveled at the "African art".

      Colonialism is part of Belgium’s history, and now there is somewhere Belgians can go to learn about it, warts and all. We should not try to erase our histories, which are part of what we are, but equally we shouldn’t flinch from reappraising them.

      I wish the article was longer and gave more details on what actually changed in the museum, and especially how that happened. I remember listening to a podcast during the renovation period that reported on the involvement of Congolese communities in the reappraisal. There was no consensus there. Some even demanded the return of stolen art.