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    The New Yorker | Haruki Murakami | 2/10/20 | 50 min
    3 reads2 comments
    The New Yorker
    3 reads
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    • Woj1 day ago

      Murakami’s wandering yarn might turn some people off, but, when it hits, it sticks to your heart like the sudden rush of a new favorite song. I DIG IT

    • deephdave
      Reading streakScout
      2 days ago

      As always enchanting to read...

      I wasn’t what you’d call a reader, who goes through books systematically and attentively, but more the type who finds it hard to pass the time without something to read. I could never just sit, still and silent. I always had to be turning the pages of a book or listening to music, one or the other. When there was no book lying around, I’d grab anything printed. I’d read a phone book, an instruction manual for a steam iron. Compared with those kinds of reading material, a supplementary reader for a Japanese-language textbook was far better.