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    The New YorkerNick Paumgarten2/22/1630 min
    4 reads4 comments
    The New Yorker
    4 reads
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    • erica3 years ago

      I cannot believe he and his wife spend $24K a year with a kid.

      I like his principles: live lean and free, learn to want what you already have, don't be wasteful. But I find him irritating and selfish and preachy. I agree with the author that "making money off the idea of not needing money is mildly perverse." It's also not my life goal to retire at 30.

    • jamie
      3 years ago

      It hurts my brain......

    • joanne3 years ago

      Not sure if I love him or I would go bat-shit crazy in a week. I'm going to check out his blog. I think we should all at least think of our spending.

    • bill
      Top reader of all time
      3 years ago

      EXCELLENT. This guy rules.