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    • KingTaos6 months ago

      I may be more polyamorous than I thought... as a single gay man it’s comforting to have a posse of friends with benefits!

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScout
        6 months ago

        lol, you go boy. sounds like a good approach. (comets galore.) i barely know any non-poly gays, but the whole scene is new to me.

        cant believe we haven't met yet!

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      6 months ago

      There are many reasons that I want everyone I know to read this article, but I think the main one is this: It transcends contemporary discourse (specifically, our obsession with left/right, red/blue) to expose much larger truths about who we are and why we think, feel and behave the way we do.

      The piece opens with a bang. (I too loved Big Love.) Then, ten or fifteen minutes in, the author starts digging in even deeper:

      The campaigns of both polygamists and polyamorists to have their unions recognized point to the larger questions that swarm around marriage battles: what are the government’s interests in marriage and family, and why does a bureaucratic system sustain such a relentless focus on who has sexual relationships with whom?

      That's the question! And so I was really happy that the article chewed it over so thoroughly. I have thought about this topic a lot but still I was exposed to several new angles. And I think I now understand a little bit better why I tend to connect so deeply with Mormons.

      This article closed a loop for me that I've been trying to close for a while. I think it's really something that the polygamy community is so committed to embracing the LGBT community, but the same thing isn't happening in the other direction. This squares with my coming out experience in which I was surprised to find equal amounts of support and non-support on both ends of the political spectrum. And, in fact, the more conservative people I know did a better job of explaining (and making me believe) that they didn't judge me, etc. On the flip side, many people who self-identify as liberal/progressive/Democrats seemed to think that that political affiliation automatically made them an ally. Not so.

      Also, random: I know David Jay. Good dude, doing his own thing. More people need to do that.

    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      6 months ago

      Solid 55 minuter. Nuanced and unveils so, so, so many relationship archetype possibilities coloring outside the lines of the traditional.

      Learning A Lot about myself and ideals versus realities of what I have imagined is possible in the past year. Learning A Ton about the internal spaces and patterns that deal with attachment, abandonment, letting go.

      We are living in an exciting time for how the next level and phase of relationships can look. This opening up is really nothing new when considering ancient community dynamics.

      All about intentionality, really and individual sovereignty to choose the best fits relational wise which are shifting more and more away from traditional monogamy.

      What struck me most during my interviews in polygamous and polyamorous communities was that these extensive families created a world sufficient for even their most hesitant members.