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    The CorrespondentMichiel de Hoog3/9/2014 min
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    The Correspondent
    7 reads
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    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      Great article. De Hoog provides a good set of arguments on why aiming more broadly in developing skills makes sense, most of the time. That quitting and trying out things can be even better than blind grit and persistence. And of course, the article rehashes the start-up maxim that "failure is an opportunity to learn".

      The examples are compelling, the accompanying series of images is fascinating as well (in their own regard). The ending paragraph also nicely summarises a side-message of this article:

      And now: not a pithy one-liner, just some life advice

      Which relates to a few earlier sentences in which the author displayed his problems with general truths.

      However, Epstein’s strong point is that he never loses sight of the ifs and buts in his argument.

      One-liners are not (always :) ) general truths. The feeling of knowing it all can be delusional. Ifs and buts are everywhere, they make a case for more (intellectual) openness.

      1. Update (6/8/2020):

        Also happy to see that the innovative Dutch journalistic enterprise De Correspondent launched an English-language variant. I had no idea. Brace yourselves, Readup! Correspondent Rutger Bregman already appeared in the AOTDs.