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    The Atlantic | Bianca Bosker | 10/8/19 | 47 min
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    The Atlantic
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    • Jessica7 months ago

      I immediately went to myNoise.net after reading this article. Highly recommended! So many sounds to choose from. Helpful especially for those who live in a big city like I do..

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      7 months ago

      I asked him what he sees as the value of quiet. “The further we get into quiet, the further we discover who we are,” Hempton said. “When you speak from a quiet place, when you are quiet, you think differently. You are more uniquely yourself. You are not echoing advertisements. You are not echoing billboards. You are not echoing modern songs. You’re echoing where you were.” When I asked Hempton’s co-founder the same thing, he chided me: “That question itself comes from a noisy situation.”

      I’m so with Thallikar when he says that the sound is like, “crying constantly and moaning in pain.”

      I love absolute silence. I make sure to find long stretches of it every day and most nights. Right now, I can hear a river and that’s it :)