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    Shaktian SpaceShakti Shetty9/23/217 min
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    Shaktian Space
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    • deephdave
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      4 weeks ago

      My brother has two young cats (Pili and Giri) and they are siblings and extremely fond of each other. They fall asleep together in each other’s company, wake up together, eat together, sleep again together, play-fight together and then go back to sleep together. What’s immensely adorable about their camaraderie is they are prime examples of what love is all about. Let me break it down further for you: it’s about letting the other person be. If one of them wants to eat from another’s bowl, the other one doesn’t mind. And vice versa. Also, they greet each other warmly. Every single time. I wish people greeted me with such enthusiasm. I don’t know how cats figured out that licking each other’s neck and head is the nicest thing they could do. Like, at what point did they learn that their own neck/head is inaccessible to their tongue? Amazing discovery.