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    Science of Us | Josh Barro, Olivia Nuzzi | 6/25/20 | 15 min
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    Science of Us
    6 reads
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    • SEnkey
      1 week ago

      Seriously we have the worst managerial and ruling class in a century. Rather than clean up their own act they drug this lady through the mud. Was lampooning Megan Kelly by wearing black face to a Halloween party stupid and insensitive? YES! Does she deserve a hard time over it? Yes, two years ago (and it sounds like that happened). Does she deserve to get fired over it today? No. Does the Post need to face its own racism and bad policies? Yes, today as in right now.

      I think the problem here is, as someone smarter than me put it, that we've introduced societal level original sin - without any means of restitution or forgiveness. We want people to publicly repent, so we can publicly not forgive.

      • jeff
        Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
        1 week ago

        Well said. I really couldn't believe what I was reading, both in this article and then the one it's referencing. It's so embarrassing for the Post and so unfair and unfortunate for Schafer. What a dumpster fire.