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    Quartz | Tim Urban | 8/11/15 | 13 min
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    11 reads
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    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScout
      5 days ago

      Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth here. What seemed to work for me was that each one of my boyfriends, and eventually, my husbands, were really good friends. I knew them for a long time and it evolved into a committed relationship. My first marriage lasted 20 years. It was exciting, unconventional and we had 2 very creative kids. We parted friends. My second marriage is 18 years strong. It’s exciting in a completely different way because we don’t have kids, other than my own who are now old enough to be our friends. We are both retired and enjoy many artistic pursuits, some traveling, great friends and family. I also think that you must first feel really good about yourself, strong and secure in who you are, not searching for someone to “save” or “complete” you in any way. Having an “agenda” will never make for any kind of worthwhile relationship. Deeply love, respect and accept yourself, and that vibration will certainly draw to you a like partner.

      • vunderkind4 days ago

        This is a beautiful story, Pegeen. I've read this comment three times now and I'm going to 'steal' some of this for my love life.

        • Pegeen
          Reading streakScout
          4 days ago

          Thank you SO much! This morning I posted the second part of this important article that you had provided to Triple G. I was pleased that it mentioned some of my points! I am very fortunate that I love to love. That I am not afraid to be vulnerable - quite the opposite - for I believe it is the only way to be genuine and authentic in love. The heart is such a powerful, transformational center of our being. An energy that heals, elevates and unifies. It is my experience that if you love as you wish to be love, it will certainly find you. I wish you only the best in your own journey to the most exciting and magical discovery - love of self shared with with another equally evolved being.

    • deephdave
      Top reader this week
      4 days ago

      Great article! How you think while choosing a life partner sometimes based on needs and overly romantic love, long term thinking requires to get married.

    • TripleG
      Reading streak
      6 days ago

      This is a great article! I can’t wait for the 2nd part. All of the points about common types of people’s decisions are right on.

    • vunderkind1 week ago

      I always appreciate how Tim Urban introspects over things most people (especially me) take for granted, or as a given.