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    Organizer Sandbox | Andrew Taggart | 1/28/20 | 7 min
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    Organizer Sandbox
    7 reads
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    • SEnkey
      1 month ago


    • Tarunika1 month ago

      Enjoyed this article and particularly enjoyed this part!! hehe :)

      They thrilled to Post-it notes arranged in spirals on whiteboards, shouted with glee while being vulnerable in sharing circles, and carried around moleskin notebooks where they kept their hopes, dreams, and deadlines arranged in nice, neat columns.

    • jeff
      1 month ago

      Interesting that the powerful, spell-casting entity in the realm above the humans is identified solely by his occupation!

    • jbuchana
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      1 month ago

      Loved this!

    • bill
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      1 month ago

      Whoaaaaaa. Real real real good.