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    Medium | Garrett Neiman | 6/19/20 | 28 min
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    • bill
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      1 week ago

      This was written by a guy I knew in college. It’s an interesting, heartfelt take, from a privileged white guy, on BLM, white supremacy and reparations.

      He launched this to a big group of people along with an announcement that he was dedicating the rest of his life to the cause of racial justice. Obviously thats a big, bold thing to say. I’m intrigued.

      I have some tree-level nitpicks and forest-level concerns, but all pale in comparison to thoughts like: “Go, Garrett. Follow your heart and keep fighting.”

      It doesn’t always matter how you’re working or what you’re working on. Just work. Work is love made visible. It makes us feel good and it’s good for the world.