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    • bartadamley
      Reading streakScout
      1 week ago

      "When you first start learning something new, it is normal to see rapid - or at least steady -- improvement, and when that improvement stops, it is natural to believe you've hit some sort of implacable limit. So you stop trying to move forward, and you settle down to life on that plateau. This is the major reason that people in every area stop improving."

      This is the frustrating part about motivation, in that acquiring it at first can be difficult but one you start grooving... it is easy to feel like things are going well. Then all of a sudden BOOM, you have really made quite the strive, finally feeling like you have made it due to some successes you have found.

      Then you stick to your work at that same level, with a lack of follow-up as to how you can further your improvement.

      Building up that persistence, or better yet "will" is what it takes in the long run. Putting in that 'practice' day in, and day out is truly what it takes to be something great!

      Don't let this plateau stop you.