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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      1 month ago

      This is a few years old, but still quite informative, and really beautifully written.

      I just got on PrEP a few weeks ago. The newer version is called Descovy and it has fewer side effects than Truvada, but it’s still pretty brutal on the system, especially for the first few days. In terms of getting a prescription, my experience was nothing like the one the author had. It was actually extremely easy for me to get. And free, which is pretty incredible because I don’t have any kind of health insurance right now.

      I still have mixed feelings about taking a powerful drug like this every day — but it’s nice to be able to love whoever you want to love, in any way you want, even if they have HIV. I wouldn’t say that I have 100% peace of mind, especially since it’s hard for me to remember to take it every day, but I’m def more at ease overall than I was before I got started.

      And all of these experiences sure as hell changed the way I think about COVID, although that’s a topic for another day.