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    Justin Duke | 6/26/20 | 2 min
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    Justin Duke
    4 reads
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    • chrissetiana
      Top reader this week
      4 weeks ago

      If you are going to find a project, I encourage you to find something particularly small and particularly durable (which is to say, does not require constant or near-constant attention), so that you give yourself the ability to take a break from the project for weeks or months while it accumulates interest.

      I think this is a very important piece of advice. Side projects shouldn’t take most or all of your time. The best ones are, like what was stated, those that grow on their own, only needing some tending once in a while.

    • Alexa
      1 month ago

      dig this musing on the side hustle from a guy who made two of his into successful, self-sustaining co's....eventually. reminds me that with some projects, why the rush?