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    forbes.com | Chase Peterson-Withorn | 5/29/20 | 13 min
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    4 reads
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    • Florian
      Top reader this weekReading streakScribe
      1 month ago

      This was likely my first article that I read about Jenner and it was eye opening

    • Alexa
      1 month ago

      “You have to remember they are in the entertainment business,” says Ten. “Everything in entertainment has to be exaggerated to get attention.”

      That sums a lot of this up. I had a long talk with a friend the other day about the trends this family is nurturing, the lavish obsession with flashy wealth, the cosmetic surgery and injections...A relentless obsession with falsehood and faking an image, so this article holds few surprises that other things would be, inflated.

      I wouldn't be mad to see them fade to obscurity, I'm not sure how many more 23 year olds with injected trout pouts my psyche can handle.

    • chrissetiana
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      1 month ago

      Why do people put so much effort in having and maintaining such a high status?