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    • bill
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      7 months ago

      I know about a dozen people who are sharing themselves online in a way that seems extremely authentic, interesting, and healthy. Kelly is one of them. Even though we only barely know each other, I enjoy spending ~5-10 minutes per week staying up to date on her life.

      Internet 3.0 is going to look and feel like internet 1.0. Can't wait.

      • jeff
        Reading streakScoutScribe
        7 months ago

        I hope you're right about that!

    • erica
      7 months ago

      I recently did a yoga teacher training and left my job and apartment shortly thereafter as well :) This is interesting: “I realized that being able to write in reflection of experiences is the only reason I travel. For me, without a journal, traveling is just a performance.” I definitely journal when I travel, but it’s not the reason I travel. I travel to explore new landscapes, meet different people, learn about other cultures, challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone.