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    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      10 months ago

      Some interesting points, but I'm not a fan of his Twitter thread on the Silicon Valley "con". In every instance, he's saying "It used to be better than it is now" with an anecdote pointing out a single problem. Too much grumpy-old-man style. You can always point out problems today and ignore problems and desires of the past.

      Criticism is good, but it's not productive when excluding context and conveniently skipping over all positive world-changing impacts of (Silicon Valley) tech (I'm not denying that there are many things that should be improved).

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      10 months ago

      Fascinating. Silicon Valley sounds like a name of some recently discovered depression (pun intended) in the surface on Mars.

    • Florian10 months ago

      Ridiculously overblown mission statements seem to be a specialty in Silicon Valley

      One name: WeWork 🤣

    • DellwoodBarker10 months ago

      Flock Safety, a tech startup claiming to be “the first public safety operating system.” Translated into English, what the company actually does is sell license-plate surveillance cameras – ALPRs, or automated license plate readers – which allow the local police, and Flock itself, to surveil the minute-by-minute location of all citizens on the roads, not just those suspected of a crime. The company is literally building the American surveillance state, backed by Silicon Valley investors, including at least one who holds religious belief in Bitcoin.

      It’s not a joke. This is the point to remember. When we look past the fun house mirrors – the cyber hornets, the fake baptisms, the vapid religious talk on the beach – what Silicon Valley is actually doing is very, very real.

      Preventing crime starts from the inside; not a surveillance state in which the surveyors are suddenly in a criminal position.

    • chronotope10 months ago

      Just some really excellent criticism.