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    • KapteinB
      10 months ago

      Did the FBI go too far in this investigation? Would the kidnapping plot even exist without their interference? It will be interesting to see how this all ends.

      Though I suppose the FBI taking such steps might have a chilling effect on other anti-government groups, creating suspicions that their most extreme members may be government plants.

      • Karenz
        Reading streakScribe
        8 months ago

        I’m late coming to this article but it was such an eye opener. That whole idea of entrapment seems relevant with some of Dan’s behaviors. If you’re supposed to witness and report, he seemed more of an instigator. When I heard about the plot to kidnap the Michigan governor, I was horrified and still am with such a prospect. I was also deeply disturbed by the Jan 6 insurrection—and I believe it was an insurrection because I witnessed it with my own eyes. However, it does seem like some of the FBI tactics cross the line and are not in service to their mission in the long run. Really thought-provoking article. I’m glad I saved it to finally read.

    • DellwoodBarker10 months ago

      Reads like an early career Grisham page-turner.

      Riveting and eye-opening.

    • jeff
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      10 months ago

      Really good article that raises some really important questions! My initial take right after reading is that this isn't entrapment, but it's a complicated issue and a slippery slope. Dan did the right thing by going to the FBI and I'd be surprised if he wasn't paid for the amount of work he did as an informant. Considering the risks involved, the amount actually seems low if anything.

      Others left once they sensed things were going too far and it doesn't seem like there was really any pressure to take part in the plot. I'm sure many of these people aren't hardened criminals and probably wouldn't have actually gone through with it, but what are we supposed to do, wait and find out? I feel like everyone that was driving around and surveilling the governor's house clearly crossed the line.