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    blog.readup.com | Bill Loundy | 6/8/19 | 5 min
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    • workingmom12921 year ago

      I don't need the stats, but I sure do like them!
      I was on before, reading articles like it was an Olympian pro workout and I noticed my 'rank" was 12. I left for a hot minute and now I am at 216! Sheesh, you guys are tough competitors!
      The new stats give me insight on this. As an assistant educator to young people, I can see how this new addition will help keep us on track! I can't wait to introduce it in my fall classes!

    • joanne1 year ago

      Thanks Readup you keep getting better and more joyful to be a part of.

    • erica1 year ago

      I love the positive tone of this blog post and Readup overall. Just reading the phrase, "we’re not telling you what not to do" makes me feel less embarrassed by my stats. When I looked at my stats, I realized that I read online even less than I thought I did. But that's okay! The growth mindset encourages me to recognize this as an opportunity rather than be disappointed with myself.

    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      “We’re the first social media network to show users their “time spent” because we’re confident that reading is time well spent.” Positive reinforcement encourages, supports and inspires the readers to continue. Bravo! Personally, I don’t need a graph to show me how well my time has been spent because I feel it in the deeper way I think, write, converse and live since starting Readup back in the fall. This is a quality of life game changer! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        1 year ago


        I’m thinking my experience will probably be similar. Even just today I was feelin’ kinda wish-washy for a few hours in the late morning (went for a run, but knee buggin’ me a little, blah blah, meh meh) but then I put on some tea and read three awesome things (including the AOTD about Mary Oliver.. my god!!) and now I’m feelin spiffy again, recharged and ready for the rest of the day. No stats graph required to feel it working :)