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    Better Marketing | Zulie Rane | 5/24/20 | 11 min
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    Better Marketing
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    • thorgalle
      1 month ago

      No. 1 of my Medium & Money research project. There are TONS of Google results when you look for "How to make money on Medium". This one is not a comprehensive overview, but it points out some interesting findings!

      I used it in a back-of-the-envelope comparison with Readup revenue.

      Why are later views worth more?

      The paragraphs in the article after this are an interesting analysis of a reader dynamic. Some similarities might emerge in Readup, though I think Readup is less bound to the recency of an article than Medium/Substack. "Old" articles will appear more often in the AOTD competition.

      What I mean by that is that stories don’t earn one day and never get a second glance tomorrow — they keep cropping up to readers.

      Exactly, and Readup has potential to catalyze this effect. It is a transparently curated database with the potential of becoming the ultimate article search engine.

      Medium recommended me this story that Kyrie Gray wrote four months ago. That’s the power of curation.

      ZOMG 4 months ago??? What about a 161-minute article from 1941? That is Readup's jam. Mic drop.

      This does not mean to write a long, rambling post

      Take note Patricia! 🙃

      Second, you should focus on curation. Love it or hate it, curation is how Medium continues to show readers your stories long after they were published.

      I dream of a Readup where Readers can make lists of articles they have read (and want to read), and put those on their profile. Like Goodreads. Even kinda like Instagram! Reader-curation. Learning lists. Starting reading-projects, reading challenges. Spreading the reading joy & inspiration.