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    antonsten.com | 15 min
    9 reads3 comments
    9 reads
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    • dogbert1 week ago

      A good return experience is a good last experience that could very well lead to a purchase down the road.

      • Alexa
        1 week ago

        truth. Like the author, I refuse to ever sign up for the WSJ again. I had to get a subscription in college for a course and it was a nightmare canceling it. 10 years later & I'm still burned by it...sure says something about killing all chances of returning customers

    • Alexa
      2 weeks ago

      Agh, I love this musing. It's niche for people with a fondness for UX, but still such a good comparison. It makes me think of the applicability for other parts of life, beyond just tech & subscriptions.

      What if we instead focus on delivering a service that’s so good you’ll never want to leave, but if you do, you’d actually want to come back. End things on good terms. Remain friends.