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    alexdanco.com1/22/2114 min
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    • [user]1 year ago

      This comment was deleted on 9/17/2021

    • therisingwild1 year ago

      This is fascinating.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      1 year ago

      Language is the fundamental reinforcement mechanism of why arbitrarily constructed environments eventually turn you into Michael Scott. The more you have committed to being seen as interesting within your particular area, the more you detach from reality and move into a construct of your own creation. As this evolution takes place, more of your and your peers’ language will become Posturetalk, and more of the language that gets spoken to you by outsiders will become Babytalk.

      • SEnkey1 year ago

        Great find. The more I read the more I was examining my own work environs and peers. There is definitely something to this. I grew up low working class but work in the business side of software now. I find myself speaking in different ways to different people all the time - not just the lingo or cadence I use but the way we actually talk. HVAC guy comes to look at the unit - we can have a real conversation. Guys from work, we'll talk about real things that are actually fake or superficial (shows, politics, sports etc). ETc.