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    The New York Times Company | Steve Friedman | 10/31/19 | 9 min
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    The New York Times Company
    9 reads
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    • Pegeen6 months ago

      I could barely get through this. Boy did that woman make the right choice. This poor man/child should get another therapist - he has MAJOR issues. Desperation is such a red flag. I feel for him, I really do. I can’t begin to imagine being so emotionally immature. He will continue to fail at his romantic relationships until he has a solid one with himself. I’m actually surprised he even has friends. What a sad story.

      • Jessica6 months ago

        I, too, was barely able to get through this. I was cringing the entire time. I hope with time, one day, he will pull himself out of the desperation/scarcity mindset.

    • bill
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      6 months ago

      Humans are capable of such profound desperation and lunacy. This author is/was semi-relatable and semi-utterly-insane.