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    The New York Times CompanyMARK VANHOENACKER17 min
    5 reads5 comments
    The New York Times Company
    5 reads
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    • jeff
      6 months ago

      Great read! Very different. Definitely feels like you're being taken along on the ride.

    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      6 months ago

      Allow this (queues Feeling Oblivion by Turin Brakes) to soundtrack the above read:



      • CaptainCrafting6 months ago

        Makes it even better! 😄

      • thorgalle
        Top reader this weekScoutScribe
        6 months ago

        Perfect 👌 the article text could flow Star Wars-like over that video.

    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      7 months ago

      Beautiful! And interesting too, that about the altimeter.

      1. Update (3/16/2021):

        gently climbing or descending in a collective, school-of-fish-like movement as the true air pressure below changes with time and location.

        A change of perspective really.