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    The New York Times CompanyDan Kois10/12/198 min
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    The New York Times Company
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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      2 years ago


      I love writing personal essays and non-fiction. As long as I don’t die too young, I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually want to publish a memoir or two. Most of the best stuff I’ve written hasn’t seen the light of day because it would be excruciatingly painful and embarrassing to some people I know, in addition to some people I haven’t known in ages.

      So, if you know me and you get a manuscript in the mail, take some deep breaths before diving in. And maybe have a nice bottle of something on hand. ;)

      Nobody should censor themselves for the sake of protecting others. Then we’re all heading straight to hell in a hand basket. But at the same time, nobody should be surprised by shit they see written about them, named or unnamed.

      Giving loved ones a first look (without promising to make changes) is clearly the way to go.