1. We're on a mission to fix digital reading.

    Reading is time well spent.

    All screen time is not created equal. As we continue to spend more and more time on our devices, it is increasingly important for us to differentiate between screen activities that deplete us (aimlessly scrolling through feeds, for example) and those that enrich and inspire us. Reading thought-provoking articles from beginning to end is one of very few screen-based activities that is undeniably good for you and good for the world. Reading makes you happy and healthy; it stimulates the brain and nourishes the soul.

    Readup is humane technology.

    The media, news and journalism industries are all in shambles, dominated by a few organizations that manipulate you into trading your time and attention for their profit. These organizations have an incentive to prevent you from focusing on one article at a time, let alone the actual article text, and they control an unprecedented share of the world’s attention. The Readup community is catalyzing a paradigm shift within the technology industry towards a set of practices and principles that truly respect people’s time, attention and privacy.

    Free-thinking is at stake.

    Readup was built for reading, listening, and deep, independent thought. We aim to prevent what George Orwell warned us about, a world in which people lose their most human qualities and become soulless automatons without even realizing it. Reading keeps you anchored in reality. It has the power to change your life (it changed ours!) and we believe that it has the power to change the world.