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    @visakanv's blogVisakan Veerasamy2/21/2115 min
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    @visakanv's blog
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    • bartadamley
      Top reader this weekScout
      9 months ago

      Library lovers - this post will have you feeling quite nostalgic, as well as motivated to pop back into your local library.

      "I would read books late into the night with my own little desk lamp, and when I woke up, I would pick up where I left off, and keep going until the world interrupted me in some way."

      The magic of being half-awake reading that same paragraph over-and-over, only to realize that you were actually asleep the past half hour.... and yet, jump back in right where you left off. There is that special something that occurs when our imaginations are running around thanks in due part to an authors lucidity with their words, and fictional worlds as we pass between sleep, and being awake.

      "What magical, intoxicating, mind-altering things books are - little packages of paper full of ordered squiggles, messages from one mind to another, sometimes across vast distances of time and space."

      I often feel the nights in which I read before bed, are the nights in which I cannot tell which one is the dream. The reality in which I woke up in the next morning, or the fabricated dream world influenced by the last words I read.

      Cheers to the love of libraries!