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    psychologytoday.com | 4 min
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    • Florian1 week ago

      Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.

      Lol, yes, 100%

    • DellwoodBarker1 week ago

      When we homogenize and corporatize human emotions on any side of the spectrum it is unhealthy and imbalanced. Authentic expression is key.

      During September and October I was experiencing an unusual depth of anger and depression expression that was neither physically self-harming nor physically harming to others (though I was psychologically harming myself yet self-aware through the whole ordeal). My housemate could have reacted from only the positive thinking mindset or from a place of fear based on the verbal expressions I was letting out in my living space. He did neither. He remained Present To Talk when I Needed to Process and Most Impotantly he allowed me the Space to Express Everything that needed to come out of me. In the aftermath he and his partner were concerned about me and Love me and Hated witnessing me like that. Yet they Allowed me Knowing/Trusting I would not harm myself or others.

      In hindsight I Am So Incredibly Grateful for the Allowance of the Yin Expressions. I See Clarity Now more on the Other Side of All of the discomfort and dis-ease. I Needed that to Clear Blockages and to Transcend old wounds. I Am Soooo Much Better and In a Space of Greater Healing Perspectives after coming through that phase without pat answers or forced direction of thought.

      The series You’re The Worst comes to mind as well (though I have not viewed it in a while). There is a season where they handled Depression Really, Really Well.

      Speak what U R Feeling and Dance with the Shadows and Darkness in Illuminating Fashions. Following the Flow is Shamanistic and Root-tastically Releasing.