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    Logic Magazine31 min
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    Logic Magazine
    9 reads
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    • Plum
      Reading streakScribe
      1 year ago

      Whoever the person is who is being interviewed...his callousness and lack of care for workers (and customers) and his shallow concept of “the good life” is distressing. Apathy. Sort of the banality of evil

      • sjwoo1 year ago

        Unfortunately, I think this is the majority of the people who work at Amazon, and probably most of the other tech companies. And maybe not even just limited to tech companies...people work in massive corporations because generally they pay well, not because they're doing anything inherently good for the world. It's a sad but inevitable fact...

    • Raven1 year ago

      Heartlessness above all. Corporate America rings true to only it’s own ambition.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      1 year ago

      Plus, we make it easy to migrate and difficult to leave. If you have a ton of data in your data center and you want to move it to AWS but you don't want to send it over the internet, we’ll send an eighteen-wheeler to you filled with hard drives, plug it into your data center with a fiber optic cable, and then drive it across the country to us after loading it up with your data.

      I would say a quarter of the people at Amazon would identify with digital freedoms organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and they are pissed off. I think there are a lot of AWS employees who would rather quit than turn data over to the NSA. Those people are all up in arms and they’re some of the smartest and most innovative people at the company. I don’t think Amazon counted on so much internal opposition and resistance.