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    InStyle.com | 7 min
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    • kurpels7 months ago

      My dreams have been crazy or non existent.

    • TripleG
      Reading streak
      7 months ago

      Just had a crazy dream last night with a lot of frenetic yelling! I’m walking down the the street in my old neighborhood in Newark NJ past an open yard with a tiger family just laying around grunting. As I approach the baby tiger, papa tiger comes close and puts his big paws on my shoulders and pushes me to the ground and lays on top of me. I’m not too afraid yet until Mrs. tigero comes toward me aggressively! I guess that’s when the screaming started and I woke up. That’s some vivid dreaming!

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      7 months ago

      I’ve been having the craziest dreams of my life these past few weeks. Anybody else?

      • jbuchana7 months ago

        Most people consider my science fiction/fantasy dreams to be a bit out there any time, but what I've noticed lately is a lot more lucid dreaming.

    • jbuchana7 months ago

      My dreaming has been very vivid lately, with more lucid dreaming than usual. The themes are pretty much the same as usual, science fiction/fantasy and twists on real-life activities, sometimes a superposition of those two themes. I have dreamt a bit more about spending time with friends than I usually do. The usual "wake up screaming" nightmares seem to happen about as often as usual, but, like usual, I never remember what they're about.