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    • touristread1 year ago
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      Slate Star Codex
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      The Hustle6/23/187 min
      The Hustle

      This should be illegal, but I'm sure that the company's lawyers did their best to fall just short of the legal definition of false advertising.

    • touristscouted4 years ago
      nautil.us3/6/1412 min

      When it becomes easier to obtain something, we don't spend less effort on it : we get more of it. The environment we involved in never gave us too much light, food or things, and now that we can have almost as much of these as we want, we destroy nature and ruin our health by abusing them. I believe that getting more people to understand this problem is an important part of solving it : we will have a harder time fighting insomnia if we don't know why people like light so much.

    • touristscouted4 years ago

      "People have dreams for themselves, and these rarely match up neatly with the labour market, whether that market is free or planned." This sentence is the reason why we can't fix education. Education can help people learn their dream job or train them for the jobs that need to be done, but not both.

    • touristscouted4 years ago

      The way top level domains are handled is worrying. Each country manages its tld, and websites that use exotic TLDs take risks. The country could decide to censor the website, unilateraly increase renewal fees or simply disappear, like czechoslovakia and yugoslavia (.yu) did. Registrars should provide warnings when people choose domains from risky countries.