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    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted21 hours ago
      The Art of ManlinessBrett & Kate McKay1/4/228 min
      The Art of Manliness

      Don’t freak out. Don’t do anything drastic. You don’t have to be moving in the right direction every single day, just the right direction over the course of months, and years.

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      fs.blog12/23/121 min

      If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run – Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 week ago
      harpers.org12/8/2130 min

      Habit, it’s often said, is nature’s version of outsourcing, a way to off-load cognitive overhead to the rote movements of muscle memory and free up the mind to think about other things. At their most extreme, habits can slide into addictions and compulsions, patterns that resist our conscious efforts to break them.

      “In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible,”

      Repetition is a component of all ascetic traditions, and I like to think that my own habits constitute something like a spiritual discipline. My nature bends toward listlessness and disorder. Resolving to do the same thing each day, at the same time, has given my life a center

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      The New York Times CompanyVanessa Barbara12/26/215 min
      The New York Times Company

      What if I’m permanently stuck in a ketamine loop?

      After six infusions over three weeks, I didn’t notice any easing of my depression. I still felt sad, dispirited and anxious; nothing had changed. So I called it off. For the first time I realized how powerfully depression is ingrained within my brain. I understood that chronic depression might not respond to language and thoughts, that only a rewiring of the brain’s neural pathways might dislodge it.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarcommented3 weeks ago

      Beautiful, Imaginary, Well Expressed :)

      Dreaming is the day job of novelists, but sharing our dreams is a still more important task for us. We cannot be novelists without this sense of sharing something.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 weeks ago

      "It's very important that you have specific groups of investigators with specific knowledge in tracing the money flow," The KYC is to know your client," "People don't know where to report or they're too embarrassed to report or they don't know what to report,"

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarcommented4 weeks ago
      The New York Times CompanyVictor Lodato2/24/179 min
      The New York Times Company

      Some of the greatest romances of my life have been friendships. And these friendships have been, in many ways, more mysterious than erotic love: more subtle, less selfish, more attuned to kindness.

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    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 month ago

      When our attention is divided between what we’re watching and what we’re eating, we miss cues like feeling full, noticing how many samosas we’ve finished, or how empty the packet of chips has become.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 month ago

      Let's make the world more better, try not to be alone :)

      “Loneliness,” he’s wrote “is a subjective feeling that the human connections we need in our life are greater than the human connections we have. You could be surrounded by just one or two people and feel perfectly content if you have strong relationships with them.”

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 month ago

      Predictive algorithms don’t really predict anything; they just make certain kinds of pasts repeatedly reappear.

      Outside the platform environment, social interaction is often generative; ideas are shared or generated collaboratively, people influence each other in unpredictable ways. But within platforms, we are catalogued as data and compared with other people’s profiles in the system, a process known as collaborative filtering. Titles are recommended based on both a user’s taste profile and the profiles of others who consume similar content. Users then provide feedback in the form of clicks, and filtering algorithms adjust their recommendations accordingly. This may have the effect of broadening one’s exposure to different content, but on the platform’s terms and along the lines of its computational predictions. The platform flashes a mirror before you, which reflects back not just yourself but how you have been merged with many other people.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 month ago

      How can the net amount of entropy of the universe be massively decreased?


    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 month ago
      The AtlanticArthur C. Brooks11/18/218 min
      The Atlantic

      Living in a cocoon of falsehoods may be comforting, but it is like experiencing bliss at the end of an opium pipe: It will never lead you to the deepest kind of satisfaction. That contentment can be found only within the true version of yourself.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted1 month ago
      The AtlanticCaitlin Flanagan11/14/218 min
      The Atlantic

      YOU must have spent whole life waiting to get old, because when the time came, YOU had the goods. Your body does become a caricature of its former self. But here are the next lines of that famous poem:

      Never had I more

      Excited, passionate, fantastical

      Imagination, nor an ear and eye

      That more expected the impossible.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted2 months ago
      The AtlanticAmanda Mull10/7/2116 min
      The Atlantic

      Really read it....!!! When people can’t touch things before buying them—and when they don’t have to stand in front of another human and insist that a pair of high heels they clearly wore actually never left their living room—they send a lot of stuff back.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted2 months ago

      Ideas and creative works should remain like this, relevant over a long period of gestation, evolving with the demands of culture, but if we recall the snail and follow the trail through the incredibly uncertain dark, we may celebrate a new concentration rising toward complex thought, all arising from the slow.

      “The slow sweet hours that bring us all things good.”

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted2 months ago

      I’ve spent exactly one half of my life in India and the other in the United States. Most days, I feel like an Indian living in America. But every time I cross an ocean and get off the plane in Chennai, I instantly transform into an American in India. With every remark about “how different everything looks now,” each contemporary cultural reference that is lost on me, I’m reminded of my status as an outsider, a visitor even when I’m home.


    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 months ago
      The New York Times CompanyJOHN LELAND11/13/1515 min
      The New York Times Company

      I asked him when in his life he was happiest?

      “Right now,” he said without hesitation. “I have health problems, but it’s been going on a long time, so it’s secondary. But I think happiness really is what’s going on at a particular time. I used to think happiness was something that somebody brought to you. But happiness, as opposed to enjoyment, is when you are doing something and you are elated.”

      She added: “I’m not the elderly person keeping the money in the quilt or the refrigerator. I like to spend.”

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 months ago
      The GuardianTom Bissell3/21/1025 min
      The Guardian

      There are times when I think GTA IV is the most colossal creative achievement of the last 25 years, times when I think of it as an unsurpassable example of what games can do, and times when I think of it as misguided and a failure. No matter what I think about GTA IV, or however I am currently regarding it, my throat gets a little drier, my head a little heavier, and I know I am also thinking about cocaine.

      Writing and reading allow one consciousness to find and take shelter in another. When the minds of the reader and writer perfectly and inimitably connect, objects, events and emotions become doubly vivid – more real, somehow, than real things.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 months ago
      Poets.org - Academy of American PoetsRudyard Kipling1 min
      Poets.org - Academy of American Poets

      If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

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      Shaktian SpaceShakti Shetty10/1/2113 min
      Shaktian Space

      A child must be taught, from the very beginning itself, the essence of compassion.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 months ago
      The New York Times CompanyChristie Aschwanden9/17/216 min
      The New York Times Company

      Drink when you’re thirsty.

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    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 months ago
      The AtlanticArthur C. Brooks9/16/218 min
      The Atlantic

      The Dalai Lama likes to say that each of us is “one of seven billion.” By this, he does not mean that you are insignificant or just like everyone else. Rather, he encourages all of us to zoom out from our narrow, earthbound perspective on my life, my work, my relationships, my money. This is difficult ordinarily; it is easy on the Camino.

      As I walked, I envisioned myself as one of 7 billion people existing briefly on a timeline lasting millions of years, from the past into the future. I considered the insignificance not of my life but of the worldly details with which I usually distract myself from metaphysical truths.

      “Each mindful breath, each mindful step, reminds us that we are alive on this beautiful planet,”

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted3 months ago
      Stylist MagazineLauren Bravo3/28/197 min
      Stylist Magazine

      Noise is much less stressful.” You could give rest to the mind & experience how blissful/noisy your life have become.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago

      ‘Our bodies can detect what a healthful food is. Our bodies are telling us that the most healthful foods are whole foods’

      Food, that inanimate object with which we are most intimately connected, is challenging not only what we think about human health but how we use science to go about understanding the world.

      parents should offer children ‘a reasonable variety and range of natural and unrefined foods’ and not worry about the specifics of what they choose. This idea, later known as the ‘wisdom of the body’, became an important thread in nutrition, persisting through nutrition inspired fads for particular foods and nutrients.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarcommented4 months ago
      blog.readup.comThor Galle9/8/219 min

      Readup is technology that respects and enriches humans.

      Yesss..get it now

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago

      In India, for example, they use the lines between the segments of the fingers to count. This means each digit can represent four numbers and the whole hand can represent 20

      Not only can finger counting reveal where in the world you come from, it may also shed light on how we learned to understand the concept of number – as children and even as a species.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago
      NeuroBanter5/9/167 min

      The narrative self is where the ‘I’ comes in, as the experience of being a continuous and distinctive person over time. This narrative self – the story we tell ourselves about who we are – is built from a rich set of autobiographical memories that are associated with a particular subject. Finally, the social self is that aspect of my self-experience and personal identity that depends on my social milieu, on how others perceive and behave towards me, and on how I perceive myself through their eyes and minds.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago
      AFAR MediaHarrison Hill8/25/2116 min
      AFAR Media

      A person should travel as oneself, and oneself alone, thrilling in their own subjectivity, delighting however they will in what Morris affectionately calls the “civic blur.”

      People who put words to wine are frauds, every one of them, but this wine really does strike me as a long-lost trail in the woods, twisty and strange, all new-made topsoil and the tougher, more complicated stuff beneath

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago
      The VergeSean Hollister8/24/2112 min
      The Verge
    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago
      The AtlanticCaitlin Flanagan8/23/2110 min
      The Atlantic

      Very positive article -- You have to tell your body that you want to live; you have to say “No way” to any doctor who says you have a fatal illness. You have to become a channel of perfect self-love, and remember that “the simple truth is, happy people generally don’t get sick.”

      Laugh and the world laughs with you; get cancer and the world can’t shut its trap.

      I had to stay positive. People who beat cancer have a great positive attitude. It’s what distinguishes the survivors from the dead.

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      hedgehogreview.com6 min

      The environmental problems we face today, for example, are all arguably consequences or expressions of an extremely anthropocentric framework of value that has accompanied the rise of human mastery over the world. This framework is, in turn, an expression of the differentiating and elevating impulse that constitutes the first attitude of the passenger on the bus. So we might be well advised to try to consider or even cultivate the second attitude, one of recognition. We need to learn to see animals for what—and maybe who—they really are.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted4 months ago
      nautil.usSteve Paulson7/2/1516 min

      A lot of darkly pigmented people want to look lighter because lightness is associated with higher status. So we have a paradoxical situation where many light people want to be darker and many dark people want to be lighter. Humans are motivated by diverse sets of ideas. They usually aspire to an appearance that confers higher status. Once we recognize that it’s a pretty stupid thing to do, we can adjust our cultural sights and say, “Hey, let’s just live with the skin color that we have. Let’s protect it, let’s cherish it, let’s make sure that we are healthy with it.”

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted5 months ago
      The Guardian8/10/2121 min
      The Guardian

      “Our brains can’t fundamentally distinguish between interacting with people and interacting with devices.”

      A machine might fool us into thinking it was an animal, but a humanoid automaton could never fool us.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted5 months ago
      The AtlanticElizabeth Bruenig7/22/2112 min
      The Atlantic

      They are the flowers of heaven, creatures of unrivaled beauty whose grace and lightness makes them as alien to the human experience as they are familiar to us. And though we imbue them with all kinds of messages—in myth and legend, they arrive as heralds of good fortune, fair weather, or freedom, as well as harbingers of doom, death, or destiny—and despite the fact that some of them, with their skill for mimicry and impeccable ears, can echo our words, they truly have nothing to say to us. They are not ours. Their world is their own.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkarscouted5 months ago

      Aristotle wrote that crying “cleanses the mind” of suppressed emotions, it turns out that many of these folk beliefs about tears don't hold up—and not just the more extreme ones about witches or emotional vapors.

      Charles Darwin viewed tears as a meaningless physiological byproduct. He acknowledged that children cry out vocally, but he thought that tears were a result of contracting the muscles around the eyes.

      If crying made a person feel better, it wasn't because of the tears; "the writhing of the whole body, the grinding of the teeth, and the uttering of piercing shrieks, all give relief under an agony of pain,"