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    • Financial Times | Yuval Noah Harari | 3/20/20 | 15 min
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      Financial Times
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      BecomeOurBestSelves1 year ago

      Yuval Noah Harari has deep insights both into our past and to possible future. It is very likely that we are on slippery slope, regarding what out governments decide to do while dealing with coronavirus.

    • gizmodo.com | Joel Johnson | 1/6/11 | 23 min
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      30 reads
      BecomeOurBestSelves1 year ago

      There is so much to take from Bills last words.

      His life must have been so agonizing, lonely and terrifying. I carry my own darkness within, that is sometimes soul-crashing but compared to this... I'm glad that I know I can talk to people and know people that I fee I can trust.

      This also reminds me once again, how important it is, how we act and talk with kids and young adults - our own and others. Many of them carry so much pain and feel that they need to hide it.

      I'm glad that I had an opportunity to read it.