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    • Ashleycommented11 months ago
      The New YorkerRACHEL SYME16 min
      The New Yorker

      Oh man was this one meant for me. I'm a perfectionist procrastinator and despite being outwardly “successful” both professionally and personally, I always feel like life behind the scenes is a mad dash - shouldn’t my successes be adding up to peace and contentment? At least I try to make it seem that way. I’m the quack method - is that what she called it? I had one really critical thing to finish today at work before my two week vacation and it’s still not finished (it’s 7:30pm here). Why am I like this? When will I get better? I listen to the Adam Grant podcasts; I follow the bullet journal Instagram accounts; Marie Kondo would FLIP for my organized closet. I know the answer is probably less distraction, more focus but I can’t for the life of me make it happen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to stop reading articles and finish my work. 😆