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    • joshw2 years ago

      seems like they haven’t heard of altvr.com or rumii from doghead simulations or neosvr or mozilla hubs or...🤷🏻 Educators in VR just held a huge summit over many days entirely in VR. i go there for meetups and host events. my friends just chatted with someone who takes all their client meetings there. some can even be accessed on phones and laptops in 2D. imho, the problem is not the technology or even infrastructure, but rather the lack of willingness to test and try new things from those who host meetings. i used to work at Intel and when i asked if i could come to work remotely via a telepresence robot one day my manager actually laughed at me. that’s Intel, one of the companies allegedly leading us into the future of tech. but alas, they are not the tech company they want us all to think they are; they’re a manufacturing company with near-zero agility who is desperately trying to figure out how to maintain profit margins while continuing to do what they’ve always done. date i say: the future (including VR) probably belongs not to the strongest or the fastest, but to the most adaptable. so, will I see you in the metaverse? 🦾😏

      1. Update (3/11/2020):

        great example of what’s possible but most don’t know about: https://mobile.twitter.com/spatialxr/status/1237791685402189824

    • vunderkind2 years ago