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    • Alexa2 years ago

      I never know how to feel about Tristan's articles. Half of me wants to scoff at him for asking billion dollar companies to change their ways in lieu of a focus on personal responsibility...

      ...then the other half of me thinks of people like Joey from the article of the guy who had C19 and thinks it's overblown (the waffle house, not the waffle house) and I pause and wonder if maybe some people DO need intervention on their social media channel of choice to help them get better sources. Agggh, Tristan staaahhhp making your savior complex contagious 🤦🏻‍♀️ Not trying to turn into Netanyahu over here.

      I am conflicted.

      At this point I only get my info from the John Hopkins daily update and explore think-pieces from Readup and seem to be better informed than most of my network. HBU?