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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScribe
      11 months ago


      Stories with a heavy legal context usually bore me, but this one’s actually quite gripping. My favorite line: “Shamrock season is a big fucking deal.”

      • thorgalle
        11 months ago

        I was amused at the part where a reverse-engineering startup sues the tech giant for reverse engineering their hacking device. (well, technically for contract breach, but still).

        The legal stuff didn’t get in the way indeed. Scary to see Taylor switching from goodwill to elimination mode on their whims. A tricky dependency to found a company on.

        • Karenz
          Top reader this weekScribe
          11 months ago

          These kinds of tales always leave me with the question, how much money is ever enough for corporations??!! Why go to such engineering lengths to bilk franchise owners? Then when two smart entrepreneurs have a fix for their quirky machines, they first try to steal their discovery, then sue them into the ground. What is wrong with humans?

    • DellwoodBarker11 months ago

      Didn’t expect this to be as addictive as it turned out to be.

      Almost expected it to be a bit quirky. Def. more David and Goliath tech-age legal thriller.

      1. Update (6/4/2021):

        Also, the biggest question on my mind is Tyler Gamble - corporational pawn or straight-up cold betrayer? (Correct me if I missed the clear evidence of his being in co-hoots. I might have.) Sometimes the nice, kind, well-meaning are the most naive (speaking from experience) so it entirely plausible he had the best of intentions and the higher ups in the corporate pyramid manipulated the scenario. And then there are suave cons who can pull off two-face well. If he is the former he should quit and work where he is treated better.