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    • jeff
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      4 years ago

      This article is a couple years old but it's still interesting to learn about what these guys are doing to subvert the North Korean government. I'd love to know what percentage of the North Korean people and what percentage of Party members are aware of what life is really like outside their country. The account of Boris Yeltsin making a surprise visit to a grocery store in the US is one of my most favorite things ever. It's amazing to consider that he was honestly ignorant of conditions in the US at the time. Kim Jong-un on the other hand was educated in Switzerland and knows exactly what life in the West is like.

      As more and more information creeps into North Korea is seems impossible that the regime will be able to continue to hold the people of the country hostage. However it's also impossible to imagine how exactly their control will begin to unravel.