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    • bartadamley
      1 month ago

      The future of technology is not really location-based apps; it is about making location completely unimportant.

      I really appreciate Balaji's unique perspective on how software is going to fundamentally reorganize how humans come together, and how it already has. Crazy that this piece is from 2012, so I am sure there are plenty more statistics the author could chose to include in support of how software is reorganizing how humans are organizing themselves.

      Now... I am curious a world that is less concerned about: location, location, location.. and pivoted to a world more concerned with: connections, connections, connections. How does one establish a middle ground in between these two realms? As fundamentally, this is what I believe a Post-Covid World looks like. Creating an organization that can handle a "hybrid" approach, while not forgetting what it is that makes "online" work so well versus an "offline" approach.

      As some decide to double-down on fully embracing the "digital life" whereas, others may cling to their previous ways of operating locally, returning to the office, schools in-person and so on.

      This has me curious about forming communities locally, dedicated to the things that I am interested in, and spreading the love of (House Music) for example locally, in an area historically which is very House-Centric... in Detroit. Yet, in a world where we do have many technological tools at our disposal, I would love to make these connections beforehand. Building and or finding if this community exists, will have to be my next self-assigned homework assignment.

      Read this text, and apply it to your life. There are opportunities everywhere!