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    washingtonpost | Carl Goldman | 2/28/20 | 6 min
    58 reads16 comments
    58 reads
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    • thorgalle2 weeks ago

      Corona is a super serious matter. But it's good to read how a 60-something experienced having the disease: he wasn't too stressed.

    • Ksabey3 weeks ago

      Headlines sell...good or bad Unfortunately that’s the world we live in.

    • vunderkind
      3 weeks ago

      Some chill news in the face of all the panic. Love this man.

    • jbuchana
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      3 weeks ago

      I suspect that the vast majority of people who develop this illness won't actually have it much worse than the author.

    • Abarlet3 weeks ago

      Thank you for this dose of reality. A thermometer and some ibuprofen. Doesn’t sound like the zombie apocalypse.

      • annie3 weeks ago

        Dose of reality, indeed. I think warnings about life being majorly disrupted are being translated as "we're all going to die" when it's really "if you get this virus, you might have to quarantine yourself for two weeks, so prepare for that!"

    • Jank
      Reading streakScout
      4 weeks ago

      Very chill dude.

      • justinzealand3 weeks ago

        Overseas at the moment, and it’s interesting to see the US take on a recognition of the threat from media reports. I agree the media has it overhyped, but for all the folks at high risk that might fall prey, glad they are taking it seriously. Last thing I want to do is be a contagion to my family. If I had a fever when I arrive stateside I would accept quarantine

        • Karenz3 weeks ago

          I was happy to hear on CNN that kids aren’t at risk with this virus unless there’s a pre-existing condition. Elders especially with a pre-existing condition or on immuno-suppressants are the most at risk. I wonder if I were on home quarantine, if I could order takeout and have the delivery person leave it on my stoop! People are stock piling canned food-yuk!

          • jeff
            3 weeks ago

            Ha, I love this! An inadvertent upside to our increasingly isolated lives. With delivery drivers in hazmat suits we could all stay comfortably quarantined indefinitely!

            • Karenz3 weeks ago

              Exactly, Jeff! Also, no need to cook!

    • chrissetiana3 weeks ago

      I like how he has narrated this. Makes one hopeful. The prepper in me has calmed down a bit.

    • VJV3 weeks ago

      I was never scared of this “epidemic”. This article is exactly what I thought it would be, an account of a disruptive bug. Taylor Swift, “you need to calm down; you’re being too loud” sings in my head.

    • deephdave
      Reading streakScout
      3 weeks ago

      The epitome of resilience!

    • jeff
      3 weeks ago

      What a crazy experience. I was surprised to read elsewhere that the Spanish Flu which killed tens of millions of people in 1918 had a case fatality rate of only 2-3%. Even if the vast majority of individual cases are mild like this one the potential global impact could still be huge.

    • Jessica
      3 weeks ago

      I also watch the news. It’s surreal to see everyone panic — news conferences, the stock market falling, school closures — about a disease I have. It does seem likely that coronavirus will spread in the United States, but it won’t help anybody if we all panic.

      He’s much calmer than so many folks I know who have developed deep, deep paranoia about the virus from too much news exposure. Keep doing things that keep the immune system strong - that most definitely includes taking care of mental health and not being wrapped up in paranoia, causing life stagnation!