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    Wall Street Journal | Avik Roy | 4/24/20 | 1 min
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    Wall Street Journal
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    • SEnkey
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      3 weeks ago

      I really dislike this, but I dislike it less than all the other options. We're going to have to make some trade-offs.

      To start, states and localities should work as quickly as possible to reopen pre-K and K-12 schools. Children have a very low risk of falling seriously ill due to Covid-19, and the majority can and should return to school this academic year. Switzerland, for example, is planning to reopen schools on May 11, based on research showing that school closures were among the least effective measures at reducing European Covid-19 cases.

      Children who live with the elderly or other at-risk individuals should continue to stay home. Teachers and staff from vulnerable populations should stay home as well, with paid leave. School districts should immediately begin to develop virtual lesson plans for those who must remain home.