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    • kellyalysia
      3 months ago

      This show still haunts me in a great way.

    • thorgalle
      7 months ago

      While reading this, we’re all spies! These are saddening anecdotes, but still anecdotes. I wonder if any of the houses seemed to have their 💩 together. It’s also a bit schadenfreude. It celebrates not being rich. But many of the problems she describes can also occur when not rich…

      • KapteinB7 months ago

        Reading this reminded me a bit of this one, sharing anecdotes from a former cable guy. Absolutely worth a read, if you haven't already!

        • thorgalle
          7 months ago

          I read it now, great story! Whenever a technician enters my home now I'll make sure to invite them to use the bathroom.

        • thorgalle
          7 months ago

          I remember the title, but haven’t read. Thanks for the recommendation 😎

    • loundytampa7 months ago

      Great read … I always walk the delicate line with my cleaning ladies , I want to know them ..kinda , ya know- to make sure they don’t steal. But not know them too well for every reason I just read.

    • Alexa7 months ago

      Love this. Reminds me of some of the work by Lucia Berlin, esp A Manual For Cleaning Women and the piece by that name. I find pieces like this strangely validating, perhaps like thor said the schadenfreude of knowing my decisions for less are rightly reflected in not needing a stack of scrips to survive.

    • DellwoodBarker7 months ago

      We are really flowin’ on a vibe theme here! Spies, voyeurs and surveillance.

      The Voyeurs Motel is a perfect compliment along with other link and series mentioning here in comments.

    • sjwoo7 months ago

      The Netflix show is on now, and I just watched the first excellent episode. But you know what's even better than that first episode? This piece. Land is such a fine, fine writer -- plainspoken, clear-eyed, economical. Full of insight and humor and humanity.