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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      7 months ago

      Yesterday, halfway through a wonderful sit-down Christmas meal, I found myself lecturing an entire table of people about the significance of Taylor Swift. She means a lot to me, and her music has altered the course of my life. But not in obvious ways. I derive a lot of witchy power from her witchy power. But again: not in obvious ways. That’s how power and witchcraft work - never in obvious ways.

      Some people here (on Readup) already know how big of a Swift fan I am, but the truth is that I probably read 3 or 4 Swift-related articles for every one that I post. (I haven’t wanted to flood the space with Swift! Changed my mind.) Also, I think that I thought that if I let the world know about the magic between me and Taylor (yes, just the two of us) it would ruin it. But I no longer have that fear.

      According to Spotify, I was among the top 2% of Swift listeners globally in 2021. Quite an achievement, if you ask me, during a year when many of us were binging quite aggressively. (Note: I think that the people who made the top 1% are probably streaming her while they sleep, which isn’t fair. Or I’m a sore loser.) Point is: I really do believe that I am getting to know her, better than almost anybody else, through her art. And (awesomely!) there’s no limit to the depths of this rabbit hole, as far as I can tell. That’s how love actually works, but it’s also a metaphor for love. Turtles. All. The. Way. Down.

      I am 100% certain that I’m going to keep listening to Swift for the rest of my life. (When Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) comes out, I’m going to need a week off work.) In a truly chaotic and unpredictable world like the one we now live in, that kind of certainty is rare, beautiful, and worth treasuring.