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    • tdsimpson901 year ago

      This is insane, my mom had this same experience but after hours of arguing with the renter and Airbnb, Airbnb let her upgrade to another place and paid the difference.

      • edison1 year ago

        lol moms for the win!

        yeah in Miami and chicago airbnb is pretty bad. like it's hostel minus 2 stars.

    • sjwoo1 year ago

      With the Halloween murders that happened in a California Airbnb a week ago, this company really has its work cut out for them.

      We're really seeing the darker side of tech now, aren't we? Facebook, Airbnb, Uber...they're all teenagers that require supervision, except there just isn't any. :(

      • edison1 year ago

        and what's worse no alternatives... except with Facebook https://apps.apple.com/us/app/foxie/id1369279200

        • jeff
          Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
          1 year ago

          Looks interesting! I like the idea of an "action driven network." We sometimes talk about Readup as social media powered by reading. I think having a specific driving force is going to be necessary for the next generation of internet companies as the novelty of Facebook wears thin and we see a trend of disaggregation with different types of interactions better facilitated by smaller up-and-coming platforms.

          • edison1 year ago

            you get it Jeff!!!

            I believe Read up is social media powered by reading for sure. I love it.